PXUE KIDS – AliExpress Store with up to 20% DISCOUNT on Kids Clothing & Shoes Only for our Members

Pue Kids


Here is another store with discounts only for us ❤️ Beautiful, fashionable and of a good quality baby and kids clothing and shoes. Winny Liang offered our members a discount on all orders. Discounts will vary, depend on the order amount and items you want but with  min. 10% raising up to 20% OFF on some items.
The store feedback, so few of our Facebook member confirms, that the clothing is of exceptionally good quality. I will be placing my order soon so keep your eyes pilled for a reviews ❤️


DISCOUNT: Up to 20% OFF on all orders or if you order is large you may get more discount so please do not hesitate to ask politely 😉

Full store list and how to receive discount you will find in this article AliExpress Sellers and Yupoo Catalogs List Including Readers Discounts

REMEMBER: To receive discount you will need to place your order but do not pay for it, leave the page once you get to the payment options. Then you will need to message the seller that you are EVERYTHING ALIEXPRESS Facebook group member/blog reader and you are in title to discount. Once the seller amends the price you can make a payment 🙂


Sleeveless Tassels Tee for Girl 2-6 yrs

(20% OFF) $7.19: LINK HERE

Elastic Waist Cat Print Trousers

(15% OFF) $7.64: LINK HERE

Captain America T-shirt

(20% OFF) from $7.19: LINK HERE

Long Sleeve Monster Top

(15% OFF) $8.49: LINK HERE


Long Sleeve Striped Pullover

(19% OFF) $7.28: LINK HERE


Denim Dress

(19% OFF plus additional discount – please confirm with the seller) $12.95: LINK HERE


Soft Plush Hooded Bear Jackets

(19% OFF plus additional discount – please confirm with the seller) $12.14: LINK HERE


List of stores which agreed to provide discounts for our readers please visit our previous post  HERE ENJOY!!!

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On this page we do not encourage the sale or purchase of counterfeit items, only share experience, photos and useful assistance on the shopping experience on AliExpress.com, therefore we don’t use branded names, unless we are reviewing genuine branded stuff, instead we say things “MK like”, “Adidas style” “similar to Nike” ect.

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