REVIEW – Electric Face Cleansing Brush by TOUCHBeauty from AliExpress


Electric Face Cleansing Brush by TOUCHBeauty from AliExpress 
Today, I have something new for you 🙂  

Ms. Xin Wong
 representing the TOUCHBeauty company has contacted me with regard to testing some of their product. 

Here are these beauties I received 🙂 🙂


1. 3 in 1 Electric Facial Cleanser Kit Buy —-> HERE 
2. Electric Shaver
 Buy —-> HERE 
3. 5 in 1 Electric Manicure/Pedicure Set
– Buy —-> HERE

Throughout the years TOUCHBeauty grew up to be an incredible and reputed company with amazing network of renowned partners such as Max Factor, Revlon, Walmart, Mary Kay, Avon, Watsons, Olay, Sears, Oriflame etc producing beauty & care devices like a facial cleaners, hair removals, shavers, trimmers, electric nail files and much, much more…..


Today I would like to share my review of a 3 in 1 Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush with 2 speed setting and a storage box by TOUCHBeauty.

Is face brush actually worth buying? 

Beauty magazines have extolled their virtues, women’s magazines have discovered them, even men’s magazines have devoted pages to the glorious power of the Face Brush. But until I decided to test out the TOUCHBeauty 3 in 1 Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush over the course of few moths, I wasn’t convinced. Why do I need to buy a machine to wash my face when I have two hands that seem to do that job just fine? If I want to clean out my pores or exfoliate my epidermis, there’s that stuff in my shower that has little blue beads in it and smells like citrus.

Turns out I was totally wrong. This face brush is incredible, when used correctly.

My skin tone looks evened now, most breakouts and blemishes disappeared almost entirely, moisturisers and creams seem to absorb into my face better. Also my skin feel cleaner than ever before, perhaps because I didn’t have to use my hands to ever touch my face when cleaning. Pore blockage is the most common cause of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. To avoid these, we all should clean our skin often. Skin cleaning and cleansing is more effective when both the epidermis and dermis layers of skin are treated in the correct way. This 3 in 1 Deep Facial Cleanser and Massager has 3 types of attachment which help you cleaning, cleansing, foaming, massaging and refreshing your skin. It cleans in a circular motion leaving the most critical dermis clean.


1. Increased blood circulation that nourishes the dermis layer resulting in healthier, more youthful looking skin. 
 Help to clear up congested skins with open pores, blockages and breakouts 

Excellent at exfoliation, so you don’t need to invest in additional exfoliating products

Fresher and healthier looking skin

1. Two Speed settings (low and high speed) 
 360 degree rotary brush  


Portable storage care 

Two x AA batteries operated (not included.)

1. Soft brush (PBT Brush) – Gentle, thorough cleansing of the skin. Suitable for a daily use, for oily and combination skin
2. Foam (Latex Foam) – For thorough cleansing and foaming of the skin. Removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Suitable for a weekly use on all types of skin
3. Massage Nodes (Conical Silicone Brush) – ideal for the application of hydrating creams, and massaging of body surface.  Suitable for a daily use on all types of skin include sensitive skin.



Paid: $5.00 to cover a shipping cost, the item was gifted

Price RRP: $49.00

Currently sale price: $24.50

Link to purchase on Aliexpress: HERE

TOUCHBeauty on Aliexpress

TOUCHBeauty on Facebook

TOUCHBeauty representative Ms. Xin Wong

The TOUCHBeauty 3 in 1 Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush arrived packed in nice box with all instruction – ideal as a gift 🙂

Excellent quality finish which I was surprised to see at first. The performance quality it’s also exceptionally good. I can’t compare to any other, more popular brand but I have to say that I am extremely happy with this one. The price its affordable and the performance is very good. Can’t ask for more!

The battery slot it’s little difficult to open at first due to being secured by silicone to make it water resistant, but once you open it once you good to go. Also, the TOUCHBeauty 3 in 1 Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush its super cheap to run. I have been using it min 2-3 times a week for a more than 3 months on a first batteries and it looks like they will last forever. Super happy with that! Hate spending fortune on something just to find out that I need to replace the batteries every month. So I am very pleased with this one as its affordable to buy and run! 


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  1. roamy says: Reply

    Thanks for a well written well explained review,no detail missed.
    I guess at $24,50 it`s well affordable to many .As someone with oily face, l always need deep cleansing and need something that can deep clean my pores.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Roamy. I am glad you find it helpful 🙂 I truly recommend. Such a great purchase 🙂

  2. Veethee Dixit says: Reply

    I have never heard about this before! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful product!!

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Veethee. I am glad you find it helpful 🙂

  3. Jelena says: Reply

    I have been thinking of ordering one for a while but I was indecisive. I think I finally will!

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      I truly recommend Jelena. It was one of my best purchases!

  4. Tatyana says: Reply

    This is very well written, and very informative. I have super sensitive skin, so I am weary about trying out just any facial product out there. The mere fact that this product has a brush made for sensitive skin makes me a little less weary. I think I may look into this more, and try it out!

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Tatyana. I am glad you find it useful. I truly recommend.

  5. Nicky says: Reply

    Never heard of them, is this like the Clarisonic?

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Hello Nicky, yes pretty much the same result at fraction of the price 🙂

  6. Lauren says: Reply

    What a wonderful review! It was really detailed and easy to follow. It seems like this brand makes a good quality product. Thank you!

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Lauren. I am glad you enjoyed reading my review 🙂 I am totally convinced with this brand and will be reviewing 2 other bits very soon. Looking forward to see you back soon xx

  7. Malaika Fernandes says: Reply

    What a fantastic give away product. Thank you for sharing

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Malaika. I love it too 🙂 xx

  8. Mary Burris says: Reply

    Great review! I love the detail that you went into on this. I may even pick one of these guys up 🙂 Am looking forward to your reviews on the other products.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Mary. I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed reading my review. Hope to see you back soon xxx

  9. Celine says: Reply

    Hmm.. Don’t know if I should buy it.. Maybe I will buy it here in Holland tho.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Everyone has they own personal preferences Celine. If you think you can get best quality in Holland then I say go for it. Based on my experience with this produce, I do truly recommend.

  10. Author Brandi Kennedy says: Reply

    Looks like a great line of products!

  11. Tia says: Reply

    I have been contemplating purchasing a electric facial brush but I didnt know which one. Thanks for your review because you just helped me narrow my choices.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      I am glad I could help Tia

  12. Kelvin says: Reply

    Amazing, I should get my sister to order one of those

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thanks Kevin. I am sure she will love it 😀

  13. Brandon says: Reply

    My wife bought one of these I will show her this post. Looks like it works well. I love unboxing gadget blogs.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Brandon 😀

  14. Allon says: Reply

    This is amazing product 🙂

  15. The Enchanted Outlook says: Reply

    I have always wondered about those facial cleansers. I have a bad habit of touching my face a lot, which probably blocks pores. I might have to look into this.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      I truly recommend, very happy with the purchase so far.

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