11.11 Singles Day AliExpress Sale – The Global Shopping Festival

11.11 Singles Day AliExpress Sale

The biggest Online Sale Festival is hosted by AliExpress yearly, on November 11. On the day, there will be up to 50% off on millions of AliExpress products.  Singles Day which is on the 11.11 is an entertaining festival which widespread among young Chinese people, to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. The date, November 11 (11.11), is chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual that is alone. This festival has gradually become one of the largest Online Shopping days in the world, with sales in Alibaba’s sites, including  Aliexperss.com at US$5.8 billion in 2013, US$9.3 billion in 2014, and over US$14.3 billion in 2015. Alibaba’s only payment service Ant Financial predicts again a sales growth for Singles Day 2016.

Singles Day it’s a one of more important days for sellers and buyers that use Alibaba sites. Singles Day Shopping Festival, which take place on 11 November, it is  24 hours sale. Alibaba’s Singles Day 2016 is on November 11, 2016. The 24 hour online shopping event is generating a staggering amount of sales.

The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2016 will begin on November 11, 2016 at midnight, China time. This is noon on the east coast and 9am on the west coast of the United States. Europeans can set their alarm to 6pm CET. Chinese shoppers will swamp the Alibaba stores and inventories of the best deals will deplete fast on double eleven.

How to Shop on Singles Day 2016

Singles Day 2016 deals will be available on Tmall.com, Taobao.com, Aliexperss.com and Alibaba.com. The Aliexpress and Alibaba stores are in English and cater to the international shoppers sending they orders to many countries around the world. There is an Alibaba Shopping App as well as an Aliexpress Shopping App available in the app stores for mobile shopping.

During one day sale event many sellers (in reality over 90%) reduce their prices and offer a discount coupon, which can be used only on the 11.11 when shopping on Aliexperss.com

Mobile app users of Aliexperss.com  have probably noticed the new logo which include the 11.11 icon. All this to introduce all shoppers to the upcoming event during which online shoppers will spend millions. 

The Singles Days was inspired by Cyber Monday and Black Friday, shopping events popular in the US which also offer great discounts for its shoppers.
Last year all Alibaba’s selling platforms (including Aliexperss.com) profit 14,3 milliard dollars within 24 hours. This figure is to rise this year so lets hope Aliexperss.com has some great deals on offer for its shoppers to encourage them to spend more. Just to compare the Cyber Monday last years profit was 3.07 milliard dollars, over 11 million less than 11.11 sale profits.


Very popular in many countries Aliexperss.com from few days already trying to pressured its users to take part in the Global Shopping Festival. To make it “more appealing” Aliexperss.com has prepared large amount of activities, competitions and games to make it fan for all shoppers and allow them to grab coupons, which can be used during the 11.11 Sale. Remember, no all – 50% OFF are great deals in reality. Raising prices before the sale to drop them on the day of the sale it become a very popular practice by many sellers. Another one, also popular method is to offer small quantity of item at truly discounted price.  Despite the fact, that some sellers do not fully “understand” the meaning of discount, Aliexperss.com team compensate this with a large amount of coupons which shoppers can cumulate before the sale. So if you do plan to spend your monthly salary during the 11.11 sale event (like me 🙂 ) please do make sure that you check all you “wish list” items prices and use as many coupons as possible to get a great deal out of the sale.

11.11 on AliExpress – Competitions



 First competition, in which you can win 500$ to spend on Aliexperss.com and spot in 11.11 Aliexperss.com commercial 


  1. Snap a pic or shoot an 11-second video
  2. Share it on Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram
  3. Tag it #happy1111
  4. Make as many as you’d like until 10.28

First stage will end on 28.10, where 25 best photos and 25 best videos will be pocked up, which then everyone can vote on. During the second stage (31 October – 5 November) 22 top voted uploads (11 photos and 11 videos) will win a spot in 11.11 Aliexperss.com commercial and $500 Aliexperss.com voucher to be used during the 11.11 sale.

More info can be found on: Aliexpress Competition Page #HAPPY1111

11.11 on AliExpress – Download Mobile Application


If you don’t have Aliexperss.com mobile app, get it as soon as possible as you can e get up to 100$ in coupons for downloading it the first time!
More info can be found here: Download App to get up to 100$ in coupons HERE

11.11 on AliExpress – Fan List



Create Fan List with favourite product for the 11.11 for a chance to win coupon of a US $50, which is available to 20 lucky winners each day until 10th November.


  1. Created by you Fan Lists will be published on the Aliexperss.com Fan List page daily
  2. Share your lists on any social media you wish ( Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, YouTube lub VK) to receive as many LIKES as possible, the more shares the more possible likes
  3. You can create as many list as you wish each day until 10th November
  4. Everyday 20 lucky winners will receive $50 voucher to use during 11.11 sale

Watch and Like Fan Lists created by others to receive a US $2 voucher everyday

You can grab maximum 3 vouchers of US $2 OFF (minimum spend US $19) to be used during 11.11 sale

Good luck!!

 HERE  you can view and like all the Fan Lists created by others

11.11 on AliExpress – Get Coupons




Visit each store from the Game Land map, grab coupons and collect coins, which then can be exchanged to coupons.

You will receive 10 coins for each visited & followed store (you must press on the +Follow our store …. option) After the coins were added to your account you can remove the store from your favourites list and this wont effect the coins you already collected. Each store, also offers verity of vouchers which can only be used in that particular store so do make sure you check them to see if there is anything you will be interested in buying and claim the vouchers. Some stores offers vouchers of $2 when you spend $2.01 – FANTASTIC DEAL !!!

Try your luck with Land Game HERE 



Within the LAND GAME  You can fins the Flip ‘n’ Win. The first game in each store is free and 10 counts each another game. Use 10 coins to flip 2 cards which have hidden goodies like additional coins and coupons


  1. Game is available from 28th October to 10th November, 2016 (PST).
  2. You can play 3 times in each store (first game is free, additional two a 10 coins each), max 30 games daily.
  3. If you exit the game before its finish your coins will not be returned.

Try your luck with Flip ‘n’ Win game HERE


11.11 on AliExpress – Daily Tasks



On the main page of your Aliexperss Mobile App  you will find the “Coins & Coupons” option where you will find lots activities to complete on daily basis to receive coins and grab coupons. After your have completed the 14 tasks you will receive $5 coupon to spend on  Aliexperss.com during 11.11 sale.  These of you who could not finish all 14 tasks during the 14 days from 28 October to 10 November will be able to exchange 7 medals  (you will receive 1 medal for each task you complete) to 200 additional coins.

Good luck and have a fun!


Go to “My Rewards” tab on your phone app to see what coupons, how many coins you already have.

Starting from left:

  1. Coins – those can be exchanged to coupons
  2. Select Coupons – here you can exchange your coins to coupons which will be valid only on 11.11
  3. Aliexpress Coupons – Coupons which can be used in any transition (Both, Store & Aliexpress Coupon can be used together in one order) 
  4. Store Coupons – Coupons which can be used only in particular store



You only need to shake your phone to activate the game. If you match the outfits you will win coins. Each outfit match awards different amount of coins, starting with 2 up to 50 per match. You can play as many times you wish without any limits, but remember each game “cost” you 1 coin which will be automatically deducted from your balance once you shake your phone to activate the game.

11.11 on AliExpress – Add To Chart



Adding products to your basket is a great way to boost your coins balance. Starting on 4th November, You will receive 5 coins per each product added to your chart. You can remove the item afterward and the coins wont be deducted from your balance. You can receive maximum of 50 coins daily, 25 coins via app and 25 coins via computer (browser) so you will need to add 5 items on your mobile app and 5 on you computer (or phone via browser) to your chart to receive maximum of 50 coins per day, making it 350 extra coins during the 7 days 🙂 

Remember you will need to exchange all coins to coupons by the 10th November

I hope I was able a help you to understand the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival and grab the most coupons possible  🙂 

I am wishing you many great purchases during the 11.1 Global Shopping Festival on  Aliexperss.com 😉

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