REVIEW – Beautiful Girl’s Coat

REVIEW – Beautiful Girl’s Coat

Delivery: 3 weeks to UK

Paid: $10.06

Link: HERE

Store: HERE

Size: 4T is about 104/110cm height.

Age: 3/4 Years

Sezon: Spring/Summer/Autumn

As you can see on my almost 3 Year old daughter, on the above picture, the jacket is little too long and the sleeves need folding so I would say a size smaller (3T ) would be perfect for 2/3Y and the 4T which I bought, good for 3/4Y.

Quality: The coat is very well made. I am impressed with the finish of all details. The buttons are properly sewn and all stitches are just perfect. Very pleasant to touch underlay,. so the jacket itself. Both fabrics have a great amount of cotton added, which washes well and its easy to iron. Detachable hoody with Burberry inspired fabric is a great bonus. It can be easily removed by undoing few buttons.  The quality is very good, especially for such a low price. The jacket doesn’t have any filling only thin underlay therefore it is suitable for a spring, colder summer evenings or early autumn.

Recommend! Grab yourself a bargain 😀

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  1. nuruddin says: Reply

    Beautiful and cute

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you

  2. Jake Stanton says: Reply

    I love it! I have three daughters so my eye for cute clothing is pretty sharp. The price is awesome too!

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      You are very welcome Jake!

  3. neha says: Reply

    I love this coat. Was searching for something similar for my little one, just before we went on the winter vacation. But alas, couldn’t find one.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Neha. It was definitely great find and purchase 😉

  4. kahlan says: Reply

    She looks like a doll in that dress. I agree though that the coat is a little too big for her but the dress resembles happiness to me.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Kahlan. Yes it will be perfect few months later 😉

  5. Michaela says: Reply

    It looks lovely! If i had a girl i would buy it 😉

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you

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