AliExpress 7th Anniversary Sale

Sale to Celebrate AliExpess’s 7th Anniversary

The Chinese selling site celebrates its 7th birthday this march. These, who often shop from all know that AliExpress has two BIG sitewide sales every year – March 29th (Anniversary Sale) & November 11th (11.11 Global Shopping Festival). And few days later will be March 29th, 2017, AliExpress 7th Anniversary Sale. 

The sale is life already!

As previously announced, a huge birthday sale on Aliexpress has already started.  A variety of products, including electronics, can be purchased with big discounts and coupons to reduce prices by up to tens of percent.

The Anniversary Sale on will start on 29th of March at approx. 8:00am UK time. We all look forward to great reductions in pricing and purchases. The sale is to celebrate 7th anniversary during which many products will be hugely discounted and on top of that many coupons will be available to use during the sale. The “Show your selfie”  competitions is now on, until the 27th March, where you can win a coupon worth $100. More info HERE 🙂 Please note that all discounts and coupons are available on the Phone APP only.

There’s something for everyone. Easiest way to navigate this sale is to find what you want using your computer (tick the Anniversary Sale box, sort by ‘orders’), find it cheapest, get your chart ready, and then check out using your phone.

During the 6th Anniversary Sale a huge number of merchants will be participating in it. Best tips: log in, add items to your cart, and observe your total as some seller raise prices before the sale to lower them to ‘regular’ pricing during the sale. There is lots bargains to be grabbed but remember to shop smart!

For these, who never ordered from the complexity of the site may be overwhelming at first but by following few simple steps will show how easy the site is. is know for a affordable shopping, including knock-off versions of authentic products with can me bought at great prices! Newbies, please check out our previous post  “How do I register an AliExpress account, place and pay for an order?”, which will give you basic information, on how to use and navigate the site .

Remember to check prices before spending fortune!

One of the best sites to compare prices is ALIPRICE, the browser extension can be downloaded HERE 

Based on the favour gifts box, which can be purchased  HERE I will explain how to compare and check pricing. 

The below screen shows the changes in pricing over last few days, weeks and months. $9.35 is the lowest price so far! The product price was as high as $12.50 going down to $10. Therefore the $9.35 – is a offer not to miss!

If you looking in to spend fair bit of your salary on shopping on Aliexpress, like me 🙂 , then using the ALIPRICE can save you few pennies.

Checking pricing and compering them to other sellers offers is worth it. Aliexpress offers range of different options, which enables you to save while shopping. 
The coupon centre
 is a great place to grab coupons and discounts AliExpress Coupon Centre, hundreds and hundreds of coupons available. More about the coupon centre can be found in our pervious publication “How to Get AliExpress Discount Coupons Explained”  Many other discounts and coupons will be given by directly for playing games on Aliexpress phone app or   for taking part in competitions. Also remember to check daily Flash Deals for great products at discounted prices. Don’t forget visit our Facebook Group to check out our latest finds, group discounts and reviews. Full list of our groups can be found HERE

Wishing you All a Great Shopping Experience !!!

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  1. Neha Verma says: Reply

    Although I don’t use Ali Express here in India. But I can see your tips will be very useful for those who do. Checking the prices and comparing across multiple sellers is always beneficial

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you

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