REVIEW – Electric Air Dehumidifier from Aliexpress

REVIEW – Electric Air Dehumidifier

Paid: $ 29.63 (with coupon on 11.11) now even cheaper!
Delivery: 2 weeks (super fast considering 11.11 postages speed)
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I am extremely happy with it. It is a little machine (22cm high) which is making it even better. It does what it says on the box – perfectly! We got it for my little girl room which is next to bathroom and has the tendency to be the most “most aired” room in the whole house but since I started putting the dehumidifier on is totally dry. The size is just perfect for me as it’s not too bulky and you can’t notice when is in the room. Its also very quiet when on so 10 out of 10 from us! You have a choice of Europe and UK plug which is great bonus in my opinion.


Efficiently humidity control, Dry Air
Silent, Portable and compact dehumidifier efficiently removes damp, mould and moisture fr
m the air. Perfect for use in small areas such as the kitchen, wardrobe, storage rooms, bedroom, living room, office or anywhere else prone to damp air.

Auto-Off and LED indicator when full
The dehumidifier will shut off automatically once it has reached capacity. Absorbs moisture up to 250ml / day, and 500ml water tank capacity with removable tray.

One On / Off Button
No noise device uses a natural process, easy to use.

Compact, portable and lightweight
This compact and portable design make it easy to move your dehumidifier from room to room.

– Water tank capacity: 500ML
– Fan: 80mm x 80mm Brushless Motor
– Power: DC 9V
– Collection: Approx. 250ML per day ( 30 Deg.C, 80 percent RH )
– Noise: Lower than 35dB

Feature: Compact, portable and lightweight
Package weight: 1.249 kg
Product Size: (L x W x H): 22.00 x 14.50 x 12.00 cm / 8.66 x 5.71 x 4.72 inches
Package Size: (L x W x H): 29.00 x 16.50 x 13.00 cm / 11.42 x 6.5 x 5.12 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Mini Dehumidifier, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x English User Manual

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  1. MeganCheckers says: Reply

    Really helpful post with lots of good info! Thanks!

  2. Amanda Napper says: Reply

    This is a great review. It gives your readers a lot of information that they might be curious about before buying this item.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you Amanda

  3. neha says: Reply

    Ironically, we live in a city where it is so dry. We just got a humidifier for our daughter’s room because she was getting health issues due to dry weather. Nevertheless, I have earlier lived in a place which was way too humid and this dehumidifier will be like a boon for such places

  4. Isabelle says: Reply

    Looks like a great model, quite compact. I’m actually on the hunt for one at the moment, so I’ll be sure to add this as one of my options 🙂

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Truly recommend Isabelle.

  5. fromsizezerotowisehero says: Reply

    This is something that i need specially in the place where i live…a lot of pollution n humidity…

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Truly recommend. Great little machine 😀

  6. Nablenet says: Reply

    Its really nice, if its working according to the specifications. I couldn’t find the price tag. Nice one !

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you

  7. Kelly Hoggons says: Reply

    Oooh I’ve always wanted one of these! I hear they do wonders for your skin!

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      They do Kelly! I am super happy with the purchase 😉

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