Great selection of clothing, toys and accessories for Peppa Pig lovers

I have a huge Peppa Pig lover at home and I  do buy her lot of bits from Aliexpress. Love the bargains!

Here is a selection of Peppa Pig inspired items, some that we already own, some with great feedback and which we thought could be a great buys. Enjoy 🙂

1. Plush toys $14.48. We bought and love it!
My daughter loves them and they are great quality. Well worth buying, truly recommend.
Our review can be found HERE
Aliexpress link to buy the set: HERE

2. Girl’s Summer Sets $6.63
Below you can find two links with same sets at similar prices with good feedback
Aliexpress Link 1: HERE 
Aliexpress Link 2: HERE

3.  Large selection Peppa Pig inspired dresses. Many styles 

We have many, not only Peppa Pig inspired, dresses from Aliexpress and most of them are really, really good quality. Below a great selection: – Dress from $4.31, Aliexpress Link: HERE
– Dress from $6.22 Aliexpress Link: HERE
– Dress from $4.50 Aliexpress Link: HERE
– Dress from $4.73 Aliexpress Link: HERE

4. Cute Leggings, many designs from $3.44
Aliexpress Link: HERE

5. Great selection of Swimming suits, 12 different patterns from $4.44
Aliexpress Link: HERE

6. Boys summer sets, available in two colours from $11.18
Aliexpress Link: HERE

7. Peppa Pig action figures. Small and large sets, from as little as $2.51
We have a large set and they are fantastic quality. They look exactly the same as the real ones except that the removable heads are made from softer plastic. Otherwise, spot on.
– Larger sets from $6 (bought and love it) Aliexpress Link: HERE
– Family set from $2.51 (bought and love it ) Aliexpress Link: HERE

8. Backpacks/shoe bags, many designs for boys and girls from only $1.12 each
Aliexpress Link: HERE

9. Girl’s Pullovers, two patterns in two colours from $5.80
We have number of Peppa Pig pullovers from Aliexpress and they are fantastic. They wash well too.
Aliexpress Link: HERE

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  1. The Enchanted Outlook says: Reply

    Those swimsuits are adorable. My niece would love them!

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Thank you 😀 I am sure she will

  2. Tiffany Shand says: Reply

    Those swim suits are so cute. I’m waiting for cousin to get into Pepper pug. She’s stuck on Frozen.

    1. EverythingAliexpress says: Reply

      Awww my little girl love both and Paw Patrol too 😀

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