Update on Luxury Closet Group

Dear followers,
Here is our latest update for all of you lovely. We are overwhelmed with the numer of messages we are receiving regarding the disappearance of our Luxury Closet & Makeup Facebook Group. We would like to reassure all our members that we are still here & working hard to resolve the matter with Facebook on why the group shows unavailable. Please do not worry as all your order queries will be replied to via the Support Group. In the meantime, we kindly ask you to join our new back up group, where we’ll post all the items you’ll looking for and provide regular updates on the situation.
New Group Link here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/2004284879882509

Furthermore, we strongly advice to join all our groups so you can stay in touch with us at all times.
• AliExpress Designer Closet
• AliExpress Luxury Closet & Makeup | Trendy & Affordable Fashion
• AliExpress Luxury Closet & Makeup PLUS SIZE
• AliExpress Men’s Closet
• AliExpress Kids & Teens
• AliExpress Home | Outdoors | Wedding & Party
• AliXXX After Dark 18+
• EverythingAliex Support Group
• EverythingAliex Resell Group

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